Image for HorseRecords partners with Northern Territory Off the Track

HorseRecords partners with Northern Territory Off the Track

16 May 2022
HorseRecords is now proudly partnering with TRNT Off The Track to help Northern Territory retired racehorses have a good and productive life outside racing.

It is great to have them aboard!

More Details...

Training Log

16 May 2022
It is now much easier to record the training, work, education or rehabilitation you provide to your horse.

You can now mark events as "training" type events that appear in their own tab.

This provides you with transparency on the work being done with the horse. Printing out is easy - so you can give to your vet, chiropractor or rehabilitation expert!

Another great feature making it easy to manage your horses records!
Image for Pony and Horse Care Seminar a Success!

Pony and Horse Care Seminar a Success!

15 May 2022
The Pony and Horse Care seminar we held yesterday was a huge success!

We had a full room and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Dr Melissa Newell's and Jeanette Gower's presentations were very, very well received - and there were some really insightful questions on things like colic, worming and breeding.

We even had an artist attend as he wanted to learn more about conformation to help in illustrating horses!

There were many horse owners from a range of disciplines (including Equine Assisted Learning) present and there were plenty of pony club people there too!

The fairy bread was very popular and every one had a good afternoon.

My personal thanks to Strathalbyn Racing Club for hosting us and ensuring everything ran smoothly!

Thank you all for coming! We'll see you next time!
Image for HorseRecords is helping Retired Racehorses

HorseRecords is helping Retired Racehorses

10 May 2022
In this week's edition of The Southern Argus, HorseRecords was featured on the front page of the sporting section discussing our collaboration with Racing SA.

Every retired racehorse that goes through RaceingSA's ThoroughCareSA program is also entered into HorseRecords. This ensures the ongoing care of the animal and helps all concerned.

Grab a copy of the Argus today!
Image for Congratulations to Melissa for winning our 1st birthday competition!

Congratulations to Melissa for winning our 1st birthday competition!

08 May 2022
Here we have River the horse making sure that Melissa's recently won prize is up to snuff.

He strongly suspects there is food in there somewhere and if there isn't, well there should be!

Congratulations to Melissa once again for winning our 1st birthday competition!
Image for Ballarat Export Ready Incubator Grant day 2

Ballarat Export Ready Incubator Grant day 2

07 May 2022
Another awesome day at the Ballarat Export Ready Incubator grant.

Today we covered giving your customer what they want as well as a comprehensive overview of world economics and market growth patterns.

Here I am with Tina, my business and marketing coach for the program.
Image for HorseRecords is One year old!

HorseRecords is One year old!

01 May 2022
One year ago I hit 'Launch' on HorseRecords!

Then a phone call with my very first customer, Dion, where I walked him through joining.

That weekend I spent the two days working out the launch kinks and obvious bugs and after that we've been running pretty smoothly!

In the last few months HorseRecords has really hit its straps. It is starting to get known in the horse world and I am making some excellent connections with people who see the value and potential of HorseRecords.

I have been really excited to hear customers asking for features and being able to implement them (the most recent ones being the Gear and the Feed pages and being able to customise the events on the home page).

Also retired racehorses from RacingSA all get entered into HorseRecords so that they can ensure the retired racehorses are being cared for and they can offer help to any retired racehorse owner.

In short it's been a ripper of a year and we are just getting started!

Of course I haven't done it alone, I have had help and support from so many people and I thank them all. From people who have suggested features, to folks who have found bugs, to people who have given me mentoring and support - I thank you all.

So pat your horse tonight for me - and give them a bit of extra lucerne or the like to help them celebrate HorseRecords turning one year old!

Happy Birthday!

Andy Ide
Owner and Programmer of HorseRecords

Gear and Tack Management now available!

30 Apr 2022
You can now manage the gear and tack for each horse in HorseRecords.

You can break it down per discipline, print it out and put it on your stable wall! Use it to get your show gear ready for the next day.

No more whiteboards or memory lapses!

Give the list to your strapper/groom or partner so they put the right tack on!

Racing stables can use this list to hand to the Steward on racing day!
Image for HorseRecords is turning 1!

HorseRecords is turning 1!

27 Apr 2022
To celebrate our birthday on 1st of May - we are running a competition where you can win this awesome high quality canvas Gear Bag!

The gear bag is built tough and custom made by our friends at The Tack Room Mt Gambier.

Fill out this survey to qualify.

Once you have qualified by answering the short survey you can get extra entries by:
  1. Being a customer: All customers of HorseRecords get 1 entry automatically.
  2. Being a customer: All customers on paid plans get an additional entry.
  3. All sharers of this post get an 2x entries for each share. (Don't spam please!)
  4. All folks who like this post get another entry.
So many way to increase your chances!

The competition will be drawn on May 2nd - so get in quickly.

The winner will be contacted by phone and we'll post the gear bag to you.

If you are not in Australia we'll arrange a gift of the same value to arrive on your doorstep!

So get to entering!

New Feature: Feeds!

23 Apr 2022
It turns out that horses need to be fed - who knew?!

HorseRecords now gives you the ability to record the feed each horse is getting.

You can also print out all the feeds for each horse in your stable - perfect for when you are going away for a bit and someone else needs to feed out!

When you login - each horse will now have a "Feeds" tab - click or tap on that and you will be able to record your horses dietary requirements.
Image for Regional Development Australia

Regional Development Australia

22 Apr 2022
With a thank you to the Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island, HorseRecords is honoured to be a Case Study for their Grants initiative.

Read the RDA article here
Image for Strathalbyn Racing Club Premium Partner

Strathalbyn Racing Club Premium Partner

20 Apr 2022
Strathalbyn Racing Club writes:

We welcome Andy Ide from HorseRecords as a Premium Partner of the Club.

Andy will be set up in the Alcopop Room tomorrow sharing information around his business promoting ethical ownership and clarity of care for your horses, which protects your investment while being conveniently located in your pocket – which has just been adopted by ThoroughCare at Racing SA.

If this is of interest to you, please seek out Andy for a chat!
Image for Customise HorseRecords how you want!

Customise HorseRecords how you want!

15 Apr 2022
Did you know you can customise HorseRecords to what you want?

Everyone manages their horses slightly differently. A breeder will be focussed on slightly different things to a show rider who will be looking at different things than a trainer for example.

HorseRecords respects this by allowing you to hide the events you won't need and allowing you to add custom events of your own design.

You can get right down to the nitty gritty and have HorseRecords manage your horse how YOU want.

Saving you time!

So check it out! Custom Events Types for the win!
Image for Mobile Phones get some Love!

Mobile Phones get some Love!

12 Apr 2022
I've added a quality of life fix for folks using HorseRecords on their mobile phones.

I noticed the other day that if you have a lot of event types you need to scroll too much to select events THEN select horses. So I've tightened the screen up a little by putting the event list into two columns.

Desktop / Laptop / Tablet still look the same but using HorseRecords on mobile is a little easier to use now.

Hope that is a nice way to start your day!
Image for Congratulations! Supreme Pure Morgan

Congratulations! Supreme Pure Morgan

11 Apr 2022
Congratulations to Watching Moonshadows (Mt Tawonga King / Mt Tawonga Sophia) Supreme Pure Morgan.

HorseRecords sponsored the Morgan Horse Association of Australia show recently.

Well done!
Image for Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Program

Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Program

09 Apr 2022
I just spent day 1 of 6 at the Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Program.

This program aims to teach how to export HorseRecords (and other companies) to countries outside Australia.

Today we covered Business Plans, Export Plans and general overviews of cultural differences.

I'm exhausted but I'm so full of new ideas and how to help more horse people!
Image for Strathalbyn & District Basketball Association

Strathalbyn & District Basketball Association

01 Apr 2022
HorseRecords is proud to be the gameball sponsor for The Strathalbyn & District Basketball Association!

Our hope is that the gameballs this year leads to higher scoring games!