Local Man Causes Riots Within the Horse World With a Simple Programming Trick

01 Apr 2024

In a shocking turn of events, the horse world was thrown into chaos yesterday when Andy Ide, a local programmer and horse enthusiast, unveiled a new feature on his website,

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Success is a Staircase, not an Elevator

29 Mar 2024

At HorseRecords, we are proud to showcase the story of our founder, Andy Ide, and the journey that led to the creation of our innovative horse husbandry software.

In a recent interview, Andy shared his background as a software engineer and how his marriage into a horse family inspired him to develop a solution that would transform the way horse owners manage their equine companions.

In the full article, Andy shares valuable insights into his entrepreneurial journey, the challenges he faced, and the strategies that have contributed to the success of HorseRecords.

He also offers advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that "success is a staircase, not an elevator." We invite you to read the complete article to learn more about the story behind HorseRecords.

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How HorseRecords started its collaboration with Racing SA OTT horses

HorseRecords was asked how it began a collaboration with RacingSA as part of an article discussing networking for small business owners.

We were happy to relate the story of how we started helping Off the Track Horses!

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The Online Prosperity Show

04 Mar 2024

Andy had the great pleasure to meet with Propser Taruvinga from The Online Prosperity Show last week to chat about all things HorseRecords. This man has so much energy!

It was great to talk about HorseRecords and how the software is helping thousand of Horse Owners and Horse Businesses to take control of their horse management and record keeping.

Enjoy the listen! šŸŽ§

Event Notes Upgrade

13 Jan 2024

The notes field of Events has received an upgrade!

The limit for event notes has been removed (for all practical intents and purposes), so you can write whatever length of note you need. The field is 1000x bigger than it used to be! That is a lot of text!

Notes have been adjusted to include simple formatting featuresĀ like bold, highlight, line breaks etc.

Also events look MUCH better on mobile now.Ā 

Remember that events can have images and documents uploaded to them as well!

Hope that helps!

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