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HorseRecords is based in a very pretty part of the world just outside of Strathalbyn in South Australia.

You can contact us via:

PO Box 989
South Australia, 5255
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ABN: 24 925 761 909
                at Highland Valley
Sunrise at Strathalbyn

About Us

Andy Ide - Founder & Director

Andy is the Founder and the initial programmer of HorseRecords.

Andy has been developing websites since 1999. Over those years he has run his own website business as well as working as a Senior Software Engineer for State and National companies within Australia.

Some years ago his wife Kim asked for an online system to record events for her horse stud, Chalani Australian Stock Horses.

Andy wrote a system for Chalani which was used for some years. He was encouraged to rewrite the system and provide it to other horse lovers.

And thus HorseRecords was born!

And while HorseRecords is his first love, Andy also runs a tech related blog: Django Andy.

Andy Ide and
                    Chalani Sunstream
Andy (right) and Chalani Sunstream

Kim Ide - Subject Matter Expert

Kim runs Chalani Australian Stock Horses and has been breeding, training and showing horses most of her life.

She has expertise across a number of disciplines such as Hacking, Showing, Eventing, Cross Country, Dressage and Camp Drafting.

Kim brings encylopedic level horse knowledge to the HorseRecords project.

Kim Ide and
                    Chalani Sunstream
Kim Ide and Chalani Sunstream
Photo by Mascar Photography

Jeanette Gower - Subject Matter Expert

Jeanette started Chalani, the first Australian Stock Horse stud in SA in 1967.

She brings her vast horse expertise, editing skills and support to the HorseRecords project.

Jeanette has recently published her second book: The Thinking Horse Breeder.

                    Gower and Chalani Sunstream
Jeanette Gower and Chalani Sunstream
Photo by Kangra


Illustrations found within the site are the work of Timothy Ide.

Logo Design is by Kim Ide.