The fast and easy way to record all your horse information.

Everything you need to record performance, veterinary, farrier, feeding, dentistry, chiropractic, serving, foaling dates, pedigree, progeny and much more!

All breeds, all disciplines.

Perfect for Horse Owners and Horse Businesses!

Trusted by Horse Owners and Horse Businesses of all Disciplines!

Trail Riding
Camp Drafting
Show Jumping
Station Work
and more!

You can access:

Horse Management

Stable and Agistment Management

Event Recording

Performance Recording

People Management

Training Logs

Feed management

Gear/Tack management

Photo and Document Management

and more!

All in one secure place!

Brand South Australia

South Australian Business

HorseRecords' Head Office is in South Australia.

We are proud to be a part of a great state that pursues Creativity, Innovation and Productivity.

Top Startups of 2022

Top Startups of 2022

HorseRecords has been named as one of the Top Startups of 2022 by Start Ups to Follow!

More and more customers are using HorseRecords to manage their horses every day.

Top Startups of 2022

Finalist at the 2022 iAwards

HorseRecords was a finalist in the Technology category of the 2022 Innovation awards.

As far as we know this is the first time a SaaS product in the Horse Industry has received such an accolade.

Some of our Happy Customers:

Lucy Grills
We have been using HorseRecords for our Breeding programme and our general horse management. HONESTLY - it is the best!
Sandi Frolich
Great platform for recording all your horse details from worming to performance.
Jeanette Gower
Photo: Kangra
HorseRecords is a fantastic service because it is designed by a person experienced in the industry.

Add events on the go!

As you work with your horses, you can easily record what you've been up to.

Adding an event is as simple as a couple of clicks then selecting the event from a dropdown and tapping Add!

Your Event is then safely stored on the Cloud.

You can use our prepared list of events or create your own custom events - Easy!

Customise Event Types to suit you

Everyone manages their horses slightly differently. HorseRecords respects this by allowing you to hide the events you won't need and allowing you to add custom events of your own design.

Customise Timings on Repeat Events

HorseRecords knows that some events like farrier, tetanus and worming need to happen again and again.

We also know that some horses have different schedules than others. (e.g. consider the farrier needs of a horse in work, compared to a broodmare).

You can easily adjust the schedules of events on a per horse, or per stable level.

Performance Records

There is nothing better than seeing your horse do well at a Show, a Campdraft or on the Track.

You can also use this feature to record attendance at Clinics, Trail Rides and non-competitive activities.

Use HorseRecords to record your horse's performance quickly and easily.

When you're done - you can print the performance record to a PDF!

Record Pedigree and Progeny

We have developed a nice interface for you to record your Horse Pedigree and Progeny.

The pedigree auto fills so if you have entered a horse before - you won't have to enter it again.

A really great feature that many people tell us they completely love!

Feed Management

Does your horse's feed schedule read like an advanced restaurant recipe?!

Keep things easy with the Feeds function - simply add in what they get fed, and you can customise the frequency and amount, and make feed up time a breeze.

You can even print it out and give it to your strapper for when they feed out!

Gear Management

Do you have lots of gear and find it hard to keep track of what goes on which horse?

With HorseRecords, you can keep each of your horse's profiles updated with the exact gear they wear - plus, it makes packing for a competition a breeze!

More Happy Customers!

Kelsey Stafford
Photo: Mel Bethel Photography
So easy to use! Love that all my horses' details are at my fingertips!

Highly recommend to anyone with horses.
Melissa Gregorace
HorseRecords has made keeping track of my horse's care easy, and I can refer to it and update it anywhere, anytime.
Dr. Eva Hornung
As a resource to help me, my own virtual PA, it is fantastic. As a resource to promote my horses, it is a discovery. And the support from Andy Ide, HorseRecords creator, is second to none.

Upload Photos and Documents

You can save photos and documents of your horse all on HorseRecords.

Great for conformation photos or scans of registration certificates.

You can also make your favourite photo your horse's avatar,

All photos and files are saved securely in the Cloud.

Stable Management

HorseRecords allows you to group your horses together and share the management of them with other people.

This is perfect if you are managing a Stud, Racing Stable or Agistment centre.

You can assign sensible permissions to people depending on their roles. An Owner and Manager would have full permissions while a stable hand would perhaps be able to record events but not edit the horse itself.

If you are managing a horse on behalf of a customer (in the case of Agistment Centres or Racing Stables for example) you can just give them read only access.

If you are really keen - why not give your vet, farrier or chiropractor access to record their notes, dental records or genetic test results on your HorseRecords?

Stay in Touch

HorseRecords lets you keep a list of contacts.

This allows you to readily share access to the management of your horses with them.

This is integral to the Stable Management above.

Even More Happy Customers!

Nikki Gordon
Photo: Lisa Gordon
This app makes sharing information with owners regarding their horse, and transferring ownership information, so easy! Nothing is forgotten.

You will wonder how you ever managed without it!
Dr. Kellee Campbell
The best management tool you can buy!

It's easy to use, has multiple options and offers superb customer support.
Jackson Family
It's great to log in and see all the details about a particular horse in one place. We are looking forward to using HorseRecords ongoing as part of the stud management process.

Transfer Records

Imagine buying a horse and getting all the records of that horse since it foaled delivered to you.

That level of information would be invaluable - particularly regarding vaccinations.

HorseRecords allows you to easily send or receive records as horses are sold or leased out.


HorseRecords provides you with a secure API so that your website can be updated automatically when you update your horse's records in HorseRecords.

No more double entering of the same data!

Tools for Agistment Businesses

Many horse owners also agist their spare paddocks out to customers.

The HorseRecords' Agistment Module, allows Agistment operations to easily record everything that is done each day, with each horse, for each customer.

No more unwieldy spreadsheets, miscommunications or memory fades! It's all on your phone, tablet or desktop.

The system:

  • Is customisable to your business
  • Provides seamless communication with your agistees
  • Boosts your profits
The Agistment module is built into HorseRecords and is available to all customers upon sign up.

And much more!

HorseRecords is under constant development - we won't be resting on our laurels any time soon!

There is more in HorseRecords that we could fit on this page, such as print-outs of your horse's profile that includes an image, pedigree and selected events.

So why not give us a go?

Jess Keenan
HorseRecords has made it easier for me to keep a solid record of all of my horses' activities as part of my equine assisted learning business.

Thanks HorseRecords!

Finally get all the records of your horse in order!

You can relax knowing that all your horse information is safely stored in the cloud, for easy access anytime, anywhere.

So give us a go - try us out for free - and you'll find our paid plans start at as little as $12 a month (40 cents a day!).

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