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How HorseRecords started its collaboration with Racing SA OTT horses

HorseRecords was asked how it began a collaboration with RacingSA as part of an article discussing networking for small business owners.

We were happy to relate the story of how we started helping Off the Track Horses!

Have a read!

Read the article on Business

Interview with Mandy from Agistment Finder

23 Sep 2023

I had a chat with Mandy from Agistment Finder about the Agistment Module within HorseRecords.

Mandy is an expert in Agistment so was able to run the software through its paces!

We have partnered with Australia's leading feed company!

03 Aug 2023

We are so thrilled to be partnering with Australia's leading feed company, Barastoc Horse, to deliver tailored feed analysis and expert advice for you and your horses.

🌾 Diet Analysis Request: Gathers essential details about your horse, including its body condition, activity level, age, breed, and more. Based on this information, a customised feeding plan will be created to cater to your horse's unique needs.

🪣 MicroSteed: A state-of-the-art online feed analysis platform, developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER). This software examines your horse's present dietary regimen and proposes any necessary alterations, ensuring your horse attains a well-balanced mix of nutrients tailored to their specific needs.

These tools are provided for FREE as a service to your horses from Barastoc and HorseRecords. Check them out today!

Racing WA Off The Track

From Monday 3rd of July, HorseRecords is proud to be a partner in the Off the Track WA Herd Heroes program.

OTTWA passport holders get access to HorseRecords to help them manage their horse information.

HorseRecords is a great platform for our OTT owners to maintain their horse's day-to-day records. It's easily accessible anywhere so it's very useful for scheduling appointments or updating training logs at the end of the day.

- Kate Alexander
Off The Track Projects Co-Ordinator
Racing & Wagering WA

HorseRecords Announces a New Customer!

In a truly ground breaking move, HorseRecords will provide state-of-the-art record keeping and data management services for the horses of PESTILENCE, WAR, FAMINE, and DEATH. This will ensure that the Horsemen can focus on Riding OUT, while HorseRecords takes care of maintaining detailed records about the health, feeds, gear, training and performance of their apocalyptic equine companions.

Read all about it here!

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