New Feature: Feeds!

23 Apr 2022
It turns out that horses need to be fed - who knew?!

HorseRecords now gives you the ability to record the feed each horse is getting.

You can also print out all the feeds for each horse in your stable - perfect for when you are going away for a bit and someone else needs to feed out!

When you login - each horse will now have a "Feeds" tab - click or tap on that and you will be able to record your horses dietary requirements.

Regional Development Australia

22 Apr 2022
With a thank you to the Regional Development Australia Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island, HorseRecords is honoured to be a Case Study for their Grants initiative.

Read the RDA article here

Strathalbyn Racing Club Premium Partner

20 Apr 2022
Strathalbyn Racing Club writes:

We welcome Andy Ide from HorseRecords as a Premium Partner of the Club.

Andy will be set up in the Alcopop Room tomorrow sharing information around his business promoting ethical ownership and clarity of care for your horses, which protects your investment while being conveniently located in your pocket – which has just been adopted by ThoroughCare at Racing SA.

If this is of interest to you, please seek out Andy for a chat!

Customise HorseRecords how you want!

15 Apr 2022
Did you know you can customise HorseRecords to what you want?

Everyone manages their horses slightly differently. A breeder will be focussed on slightly different things to a show rider who will be looking at different things than a trainer for example.

HorseRecords respects this by allowing you to hide the events you won't need and allowing you to add custom events of your own design.

You can get right down to the nitty gritty and have HorseRecords manage your horse how YOU want.

Saving you time!

So check it out! Custom Events Types for the win!

Mobile Phones get some Love!

12 Apr 2022
I've added a quality of life fix for folks using HorseRecords on their mobile phones.

I noticed the other day that if you have a lot of event types you need to scroll too much to select events THEN select horses. So I've tightened the screen up a little by putting the event list into two columns.

Desktop / Laptop / Tablet still look the same but using HorseRecords on mobile is a little easier to use now.

Hope that is a nice way to start your day!
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