Horse Owner Communication Made Easy!

31 Mar 2023

Introducing our latest feature - Messages!

Our internal email like messages system is designed to make communication between horse owners a breeze.

You can now chat with each other about training, breeding, agisting, rehabilitation, and more, all while keeping a record of your conversations safe within our software.

Upload images and edit them! Upload spreadsheet and other documents!

With Messages, you can stay organized and keep track of all your important discussions. Check out our 5-minute YouTube video to see Messages in action and experience the benefits for yourself.

Don't wait, start communicating more efficiently and effectively with Messages today!

HorseRecords featured on Equine Business Leaders

03 Mar 2023

HorseRecords was featured in this Equine Business Leaders article on software for horse businesses.

It was great to be top of the list too!

Read the article in Equine Business Leaders

HorseRecords TV Interview with Ticker News

HorseRecords was featured on the Insight segment on Ticker News today.

Insight chats with innovate business owners regularly.

It was so good to share the HorseRecords story and how we are helping horses all over the world!

This interview was also featured on the Regional Development Australia Weekly Newsletter.

Five Minutes for Me

17 Jan 2023

Andy, the Founder of HorseRecords, was featured on the Wellness app Five Minutes for Me.

He has recorded 3 separate episodes on success, business tactics and tips for launching a software product. The articles are found in the "Productivity" Section.

And yes - he sneaks in info about horses!

Five Minutes For Me

Using HorseRecords for Dogs is Totally Cool!

18 Dec 2022

Last week, Pearl The Wonder Dog woke up with a huge puss filled lump on the side of her neck.

Off to Greencross Vets in Strathalbyn and one GA, operation and removal of grass seeds later, Pearl is back to chasing rabbits like a complete legend!

At the pre-op question session I was asked when I had last wormed Pearl, and what her last vaccinations were.

It was great to pull out HorseRecords - where I had entered Pearl there to record her worming schedule.

I can't be sure but I think I actually impressed the Vet Nurse by being able to tell her exactly when I had last wormed and vaccinated Pearl. They are a tough breed those Vet Nurses!

So yeah - you can add your dogs and other Pets as a Horse Group into HorseRecords and you can keep their records up to date too!

~ Andy

P.S. It was a reasonably emotional 2 days - HUGE thanks to Green Cross Strathalbyn. The Nurses and Vets and Reception Staff are tops!

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