Exciting Finish to the HorseRecords Handicap!

15 Dec 2022

Well that was a bit exciting!

Last night in the HorseRecords Handicap over 1200m at Strathalbyn Racing Club it was a dead heat between Possum Born and Betta Eddie which resulted in a protest. After the stewards took a look Possum Born was the winner!

Congratulations to all the connections and to the Strath Racing Club for a successful Christmas Twilight meet.

We were thrilled to be a part of it!

HorseRecords Handicap Race 7, Strathalbyn Racing Club

14 Dec 2022

The HorseRecords Handicap runs at Strathalbyn Racing Club today at 6:15pm.

Track is considered Good 4.

HorseRecords is a Premium Partner of the Strath Racing Club - it's a great place to hang out.

Best of luck to all the horses, jockers, trainers, owners and punters!

Vital Signs

04 Dec 2022
It's important to know your horse's "normal".

So that when something like colic or an injury happens you know how much your horse is deviating from "normal".

You can now record a range of vital signs for your horse such as heartrate, temperature, gut sounds, respiration rate, appetite and more!

Check it out!

The Horse Business Advice Podcast

29 Nov 2022

HorseRecords was featured on the The Horse Business Advice Podcast by Equine Entrepreneurs.

This is an excellent podcast that discusses everything about managing your horse business - and how to improve!

We like to think that have the right software is key to managing horses!

Check out The Horse Business Advice Podcast!

2 Blokes Chatting Radio Show

28 Nov 2022
Andy, the Founder and Director of HorseRecords was interviewed about the town where HorseRecords is developed, and HorseRecords (without actually mentioning HorseRecords!)
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