The HorseRecords' Agistment Module –
Your Answer to a Thriving Agistment Business!

The HorseRecords' Agistment Module, allows Agistment operations to easily record everything that is done each day, with each horse, for each customer.

No more unwieldy spreadsheets, miscommunications or memory fades! It is all on your phone, tablet or desktop.

The system:

  • Is customisable to your business
  • Provides seamless communication with your agistees
  • Boosts your profits
From automated emails and convenient task tracking to effortless reporting, this module is packed with features that simplify your daily operations and help you focus on what matters most - getting paid for what you do!

How It Works


You set up your Agistment Business Profile.


We auto email your Agistees weekly asking them what tasks need to be done.


You perform these tasks and mark them as done.


You can then report via excel download to help you invoice.
We make it as easy as possible for your Agistee to tell you what they want done each week.

Then we make it easy for you and your staff to systematically record the work you've done, so that you can then invoice correctly.

Easy Setup

Get started without a hitch. The intuitive setup process guides you through, so you'll be up and running in no time!

You start by telling us the name of your Agistment company and then the contact details for your manager.

Next - tell us what day your agistee's should be emailed a reminder to fill out their task requests.

You can always Contact Us for help!

Fully Customizable

Finally a system you can set up your way!

We recognise that each Agistment facility runs in the way that works for them.

So we have built the Agistment Module to be as customisable as possible to it will suit your needs.

You can define the times you perform work runs. Most facilities have a morning and night run, but some perform noon and evening runs for some tasks. The system handles all combinations!

After you've entered the times - you can configure a list of tasks you perform.

Most facilities offer feeding and rugging services, while others may offer cleaning, veterinary, rehab, or even training and breaking services. The system can handle it!

Agistee Reminders

Each week your Agistees are emailed to remind them to enter in their task requests for their horses.

The reminders are sent via email and are stored in HorseRecords' internal messaging system.

These message are linked between you and the owner ensuring nothing gets lost!

Beautiful Agistee Interface

Agistees are given access to a beautiful, powerful and easy to use interface to let you know what they would like done for their horse.

They can write notes for customised requests if necessary.

Oh - and it looks good on mobile phones too!

Powerful Tasks to be Done Interface

This screen shows you what needs to be done for each horse, each day.

Use the in-built filters to just focus on this run - be it AM, PM etc.

As you or your staff complete a task, simply mark it as done and it is recorded safely in the cloud with who did the task and the time they did it.

We designed this interface to update in real time, so as your staff mark tasks done on their phones - you can have this screen up on your office computer and see their progress as it happens!

Useful Reporting

You should get paid for the work you perform.

As you and your staff mark work as done, the information is safely stored in the cloud for you to report on.

Our reporting system is easy to use, filterable by date range or customer, and is exportable to an excel file.

Whether you invoice weekly, monthly or on another schedule - our reporting helps you know what work was done, when, and for which customer.

This report is truly invaluable for your invoicing.

Training Videos

We've recorded a number of training videos going through each aspect of the software module.

You can watch the videos in a row to get a comprehensive understanding of the software, while being able to re-watch any you need to brush up on from time to time.

The videos are presented in a friendly and conversational style as if you were sitting down for a coffee and having a chat.

Agistment Module Training Videos

Built with HorseRecords

The HorseRecords Agistment Module is built on HorseRecords.

So you get all the features that thousands of horse owners use every day including the Agistment Module.

To turn on the Agistment Module - simply create a Horse Group and in the configuration, tick the box saying it is an Agistment group. From there follow the prompt to set up your Agistment Facility.

It's easy, powerful and will improve your profits by allowing you to get paid for the work you are doing!

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