Testimonials from our Happy Customers

Lucy Grills
We have been using HorseRecords for our Breeding programme and our general horse management. HONESTLY - it is the best!
Jess Keenan
HorseRecords has made it easier for me to keep a solid record of all of my horses' activities as part of my equine assisted learning business.

Thanks HorseRecords!
Jeanette Gower
Photo: Kangra
HorseRecords is a fantastic service because it is designed by a person experienced in the industry.
Kelsey Stafford
Photo: Mel Bethel Photography
So easy to use! Love that all my horses' details are at my fingertips!

Highly recommend to anyone with horses.
Nikki Gordon
Photo: Lisa Gordon
This app makes sharing information with owners regarding their horse, and transferring ownership information, so easy! Nothing is forgotten.

You will wonder how you ever managed without it!
Cath McDowell
HorseRecords has made my life so much easier! We have 10 brood mares and 5 performance horses, as well as valuable young stock.

As we grow as a stud electronic record keeping is updated in the field in real time - it's so easy!
Dr. Eva Hornung
As a resource to help me, my own virtual PA, it is fantastic. As a resource to promote my horses, it is a discovery. And the support from Andy Ide, HorseRecords creator, is second to none.
Sandi Frolich
Great platform for recording all your horse details from worming to performance.
Melissa Gregorace
HorseRecords has made keeping track of my horse's care easy, and I can refer to it and update it anywhere, anytime.
Jock Grills
Great program that gets updated frequently.

Makes management easy.
Dr. Kellee Campbell
The best management tool you can buy!

It's easy to use, has multiple options and offers superb customer support.
Jackson Family
It's great to log in and see all the details about a particular horse in one place. We are looking forward to using HorseRecords ongoing as part of the stud management process.
Bec Bartalos
Photo: LMG Photography
Great site to keep a record of your horse's performances and information. You don’t have to go searching for the info as you'll find it all in one spot.
Kim Wilkinson
It's so good to keep up to date with my retired thoroughbreds!
Pauline Kempe
I can honestly say this app has been beyond useful in managing my horses. It's so great to be able to access my information anywhere, anytime!
Photo: Bush Pony Media
HorseRecords is an invaluable tool for easily keeping track of what is happening around the stud. I can simply check any stored information such as updates on vaccination status, insemination dates, dental and farrier due dates with a quick login on my phone anytime, anywhere for the whole stud. Super convenient and easy to use program, highly recommended!
Bec McKeering
A fantastic, easy to use, well supported solution to record keeping. I find it invaluable for organising large numbers of station and competition horses over several separate operations.
Bernadette McGarrity
I thoroughly enjoy using HorseRecords to keep track of our horses upkeep, exercise and fun times. Being able to access my records anywhere is definitely making our life much easier with our agisted horses.
Ebony-Maree Fry
Using HorseRecords software has been a more reliable and efficient way of keeping up to date with our horse's Worming, Farrier and Dentist appointments and reminding us when we need to book in. You can also track feeds, injury’s, medication and so much more! If you have horses, you 100% need this app!
Alissa Klingberg
Photo: Kirstie Murch Photography
HorseRecords is my equine oasis, and honestly, I'd be lost without it.

This exceptional program effortlessly transforms horse care into a seamless and extraordinary adventure, managing every detail from health updates to training triumphs. It's simply irreplaceable!
Christine Dale
Great way to keep your horse records up to date and easy to use.
Bella Poulish
I like that there is traceability of where thoroughbred horses end up.
Pauline Smith
We love horse records to keep track of our new ownership of our OTT. Atrani is now registered and be tracked under horse records .
Tayleeha Cordwell
Love HorseRecords! Helps me keep everything up to date
Yvonne Fuller
Photo: Ingrid Mischke Photography
I am delighted to have such a valuable comprehensive tool for keeping our records.
Zoe Olszowy
Photo: Melanie Kimbell
The joys of having all info in one spot.