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Five Minutes for Me

17 Jan 2023

Andy, the Founder of HorseRecords, was featured on the Wellness app Five Minutes for Me.

He has recorded 3 separate episodes on success, business tactics and tips for launching a software product. The articles are found in the "Productivity" Section.

And yes - he sneaks in info about horses!

Five Minutes For Me

The Horse Business Advice Podcast

29 Nov 2022

HorseRecords was featured on the The Horse Business Advice Podcast by Equine Entrepreneurs.

This is an excellent podcast that discusses everything about managing your horse business - and how to improve!

We like to think that have the right software is key to managing horses!

Check out The Horse Business Advice Podcast!

HorseRecords on the Evolvepreneur podcast

18 Nov 2022

HorseRecords' Founder Andy Ide was featured on the Evolvepreneur podcast.

This podcast interview entrepreneurs and discussing the challenges and benefits of their business. The episode is a bite sized 12 minutes long.

Listen to the Evolvepreneur Podcast

Interview on the Why I Network

01 Nov 2022

Andy, the Founder of HorseRecords was interviewed by the Why I Network.

This is a podcast aimed at high school students looking to learn more about various careers.

HorseRecords gets a mention at the end!

Listen to the Why I Network podcast

HorseRecords featured on the Django Chat podcast

26 Oct 2022

Andy (the Founder and initial programmer of HorseRecords) was interviewed by the Django Chat podcast.

HorseRecords is built in a tool called Django and Django Chat is the largest podcast in the world about Django.

The chat discusses Django and Software Engineering.

Well worth a listen if you don't mind a bit of tech talk!

Listen to Django Chat

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