Top Startups of 2022

25 Nov 2022

HorseRecords has been named as one of the Top Startups of 2022 by Start Ups to Follow!

The Top Startups of 2022 Article

Keep your Contacts all in one place!

22 Nov 2022

Every Horse operation needs to keep a list of the people important to it.

People such as Vets, Farriers, Transport, Casual Staff, Instructors and Customers.

HorseRecords allows you to do this in a quick and easy way.

Plus you can click on a phone number and it will call it for you using your phone!

HorseRecords on the Evolvepreneur podcast

18 Nov 2022

HorseRecords' Founder Andy Ide was featured on the Evolvepreneur podcast.

This podcast interview entrepreneurs and discussing the challenges and benefits of their business. The episode is a bite sized 12 minutes long.

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Manage your Testimonial easily!

02 Nov 2022

It's now easy to add and manage your testimonial to HorseRecords.

We link back to your site to give you some search engine ranking too!

Check it out!

Interview on the Why I Network

01 Nov 2022

Andy, the Founder of HorseRecords was interviewed by the Why I Network.

This is a podcast aimed at high school students looking to learn more about various careers.

HorseRecords gets a mention at the end!

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