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Travel Hours, Work Hours and Rider

20 Nov 2023

We've added 3 optional new fields to Events to help you manage your horses better!

Travel Hours
This field tracks the amount of time a horse spends in transit. It's crucial for monitoring the stress and fatigue levels in horses, especially those that compete or are frequently transported.

Event Log Report!

13 Nov 2023

A new report available to you now. See all events across all Horse Groups at once.

Watch this short vid to learn more!

Event Images

08 Nov 2023

You can now upload images to Events.

Images can be edited and cropped to your liking!

Check it out!

The HorseRecords' Agistment Module – Your Answer to a Thriving Agistment Business!

07 Sep 2023

The HorseRecords' Agistment Module, allows Agistment operations to easily record everything that is done each day, with each horse, for each customer.

No more unwieldy spreadsheets, miscommunications or memory fades! It's all on your phone, tablet or desktop.

The system:

  • Is customisable to your business
  • Provides seamless communication with your agistees
  • Boosts your profits
From automated emails and convenient task tracking to effortless reporting, this module is packed with features that simplify your daily operations and help you focus on what matters most - getting paid for what you do!

Tap to find out about the Agistment module


22 Aug 2023

Introducing the latest feature for HorseRecords - TAGS!

Tags are attributes you give to your horses to enable easy filtering.

Readily get all the horses in a single paddock - so you know who is due for the farrier! Or know immediately which horses are in work or pregnant.

Tags are present in your HorseRecords now so give it a go!

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