Travel Hours, Work Hours and Rider

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Travel Hours, Work Hours and Rider

20 Nov 2023

We've added 3 optional new fields to Events to help you manage your horses better!

Travel Hours
This field tracks the amount of time a horse spends in transit. It's crucial for monitoring the stress and fatigue levels in horses, especially those that compete or are frequently transported.

Work Hours
This refers to the time a horse spends training, working, or competing. Keeping track of work hours helps in managing a horse's fitness and avoiding overtraining.

Rider Information
This is a new field to record which rider is working with which horse. This is important for tracking performance, compatibility, and any specific requirements or adjustments needed for each horse-rider pair.

These fields are available now and can be set up in your Horse Group settings. Check out the vid to watch Andy run you through how to use these fields!