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Manage your Testimonial easily!

02 Nov 2022

It's now easy to add and manage your testimonial to HorseRecords.

We link back to your site to give you some search engine ranking too!

Check it out!

HorseRecords for Horse Businesses

31 Oct 2022
If you are a Horse Business you must watch this video.

Using HorseRecords' Event and Task system, we see how Workflows work making your business run more smoothly!

Tasks - Tying it all together!

29 Oct 2022
Creating Magic!
HorseRecords allows you to create tasks from events, and events and more tasks from completed tasks. This means you can create chains of tasks and events - which means fully customisable workflows for you!

Task Types

28 Oct 2022

We continue out Tasks journey and look at Task Types.

These are when you are repeating the same task over time.

Task Lists to help you stay organised!

17 Oct 2022
There are always things to do around horses! They seem to create work!

HorseRecords allows you to keep a handy task list that can be linked to each horse to help you get all that work done!

This is a new feature implemented last week. Check it out!
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