The Four Horsemen

HorseRecords Announces a New Customer:
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

1st April, 2023

HorseRecords is comprehensive horse husbandry software that is perfect for horse owners, horse businesses, racing associations and breed societies.

And we have some unexpected news to share!

HorseRecords has recently announced a unique partnership with none other than the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse!

This collaboration aims to assist the Horsemen in efficiently managing the information about their legendary steeds.

In a truly groundbreaking move, HorseRecords will provide state-of-the-art record keeping and data management services for the horses of PESTILENCE, WAR, FAMINE, and DEATH. This will ensure that the Horsemen can focus on Riding OUT, while HorseRecords takes care of maintaining detailed records about the health, feeds, gear, training and performance of their apocalyptic equine companions.

We took a trip to the Nether Realm and had a chat about how HorseRecords is working for them.

DEATH - One of the Four

When we are not Riding OUT - we still need to take good care of our horses.

"When we are not Riding OUT - we still need to take good care of our horses. We needed something that was convenient and easy to use. This is part of the ethical care we are duty bound to provide to horses like Binky here", said DEATH as he gently patted his grey mare, "I'm pretty sure that's in the bible somewhere also, near the back I think..."

WAR - One of the Four

HorseRecords is there keeping all my records organised!

"Exactly! Look, things can get pretty disorganised from time to time - particularly when you are fighting a Seven Nation Army (and you have to fight 'em all), I love that when I get back to base, HorseRecords is there keeping all my records organised so that I'm ready to fight another day", discussed WAR.

"Also in the downtime", whispered WAR, "I like to check HorseRecords on my phone just to make sure I've got the training up to date and when the farrier was last here to shoe young Athena here. She's the boss, being a chestnut mare and all, so she gets only the best flame generating shoes!". 

PESTILENCE - One of the Four

It's great that I can keep track of my favourite vaccinations.

"For me, it's great that I can keep track of my favourite vaccinations, like Tetanus and Hendra. As well, I can add repeating events like Faecal Egg Count. I like being able to individually adjust the recurrence of these events so I am giving the best care possible."

"Plus the software tells me when the next one is due!", said PESTILENCE. "Some paddocks can have more tendency for worms - so it's great to be able to do a Faecal Egg Count when Nergal here (a grey gelding), gets moved around."

FAMINE - One of the Four

I can ensure every horse is getting fed correctly!

"My favourite feature is the Feed Management", interjected FAMINE. The rest of the group groaned "Here we go again...", one whispered.

"Horses are always hungry", FAMINE continued, ignoring the others, "And you have to feed them right. The Feed Tracking lets me know exactly what Coco Pops here needs daily - plus I can print out all the feeds for Binky, Athena and Nergal too - so I can ensure everyone is getting fed correctly!"

Well there you have it folks!

This partnership underscores HorseRecords' commitment to serve the equestrian community, regardless of its diverse and sometimes otherworldly nature. It's certainly an unprecedented collaboration that has raised many eyebrows, but it only goes to show that HorseRecords is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation in horse management.

Why not give it a go yourself? First two horses are free - and you don't have to be a anthropological representation of a mythical concept to use the software!

HorseRecords works on phone, table, laptop and desktop. Check it out now:



Custom Artwork by Timothy Ide. Thank you Tim - it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to this article!