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HorseRecords Announces a New Customer!

In a truly ground breaking move, HorseRecords will provide state-of-the-art record keeping and data management services for the horses of PESTILENCE, WAR, FAMINE, and DEATH. This will ensure that the Horsemen can focus on Riding OUT, while HorseRecords takes care of maintaining detailed records about the health, feeds, gear, training and performance of their apocalyptic equine companions.

Read all about it here!

Growth continues for HorseRecords platform

All retired racehorses in SA are entered into HorseRecords as a tool to assist the new owners as the horses move into their next careers.

RacingSA has written this excellent article about HorseRecords.

Read the Racing SA article

You need to keep an eye on us!

HorseRecords has been featured in Startups to Follow - the website that reports on startups you need to keep your eye on.

Read the article on 'Startups to Follow'

Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Group

21 Aug 2022
Practicing Pitching to Investors and Horse Associations at the last session of the Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Group.

The HorseRecords pitch was received well!

We now have an excellent starting point for our goals of bringing HorseRecords to other countries beyond Australia!

Finalist at State iAwards finds success in innovative app 'HorseRecords'

Our success in the iAwards was also recorded in these papers!
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