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Event Notes Upgrade

13 Jan 2024

The notes field of Events has received an upgrade!

The limit for event notes has been removed (for all practical intents and purposes), so you can write whatever length of note you need. The field is 1000x bigger than it used to be! That is a lot of text!

Notes have been adjusted to include simple formatting features like bold, highlight, line breaks etc.

Also events look MUCH better on mobile now. 

Remember that events can have images and documents uploaded to them as well!

Hope that helps!

Permissions Tidy Up

15 Sep 2023

We've gone back and reworked through the Permissions for your Horse Groups today.

Over time the Permissions had grown organically and become messy, so we put it the main Permissions functions in one menu for you.

Check out the video to see it in action!

Events Reporting

Introducing the latest report feature for HorseRecords.

Report on the events entered for your horses.

Report on events recorded today, or get a 30-day summary, or provide a custom date range.

The report can also be nicely printed.

Check it out!

Using HorseRecords for Dogs is Totally Cool!

18 Dec 2022

Last week, Pearl The Wonder Dog woke up with a huge puss filled lump on the side of her neck.

Off to Greencross Vets in Strathalbyn and one GA, operation and removal of grass seeds later, Pearl is back to chasing rabbits like a complete legend!

At the pre-op question session I was asked when I had last wormed Pearl, and what her last vaccinations were.

It was great to pull out HorseRecords - where I had entered Pearl there to record her worming schedule.

I can't be sure but I think I actually impressed the Vet Nurse by being able to tell her exactly when I had last wormed and vaccinated Pearl. They are a tough breed those Vet Nurses!

So yeah - you can add your dogs and other Pets as a Horse Group into HorseRecords and you can keep their records up to date too!

~ Andy

P.S. It was a reasonably emotional 2 days - HUGE thanks to Green Cross Strathalbyn. The Nurses and Vets and Reception Staff are tops!

Foaling dates for all your mares!

"My favourite feature is the foaling date report!" - Kelsey, Tarrawonga Stock Horses.

With foaling season upon us - it is good to know which mares are due next. You can then easily organise them to move into your foaling paddocks.

If you are a recent member of HorseRecords you can back date the serving date of your mare with the "Served" event - and the foaling date will be automatically calculated for you.
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