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16 Aug 2023

HorseRecords was interviewed by Off The Track Equestrian Magazine for the August 2023 issue.

They specialise in providing news of Off The Track horses all over Australia as well as the fashionistas that grace the track! You can get their magazine on their website.

We've reprinted the article with permission for your interest...

OTT Magazine Article - HorseRecords - August 2023

Please introduce yourself the creator of your business.

I am Andy Ide, the Founder, Director and Initial Programmer of HorseRecords. I am a software engineer by trade specialising in Web Applications (basically anything site on the Web you need to log into) - I also have expertise in API Integrations - you know, for my sins.

I married into the horse world. My wife’s family manage the Chalani Australian Stock Horse Stud - which is the oldest Stock Horse stud in South Australia. Our property is just outside of Strathalbyn in South Australia.

When did you start your business & What kickstarted your creative spark to create HorseRecords?

One morning my wife expressed her dissatisfaction with storing records in notebooks or on whiteboards. Notebooks degrade and filing them can be difficult. Whiteboards only show a snapshot of time and can easily be wiped off.

Sometimes a person would call her about a horse that she bred 15 years ago and ask details about how it was to break in. And while my wife has an excellent memory, sometimes she was tested remembering something that far back!

She asked me to code something online that allowed her to record everything about her horses. Being a dutiful husband and a strapper that actually listens - I coded a system we used for a couple of years. My wife then encouraged me to code our tool for others to use and HorseRecords was born!

I started coding in January 2019, working on the weekends around family and farm commitments, and launched May 1st, 2021.

How do HorseRecords help Equestrians?

HorseRecords is a comprehensive horse husbandry application that provides a fast and easy way to record everything you need to know about the background, health, and performance of a horse.

Use it on the go on your mobile phone or your tablet or computer.

You can record farrier, worming, dentistry, performance, training, feeds, gear, progeny, pedigree and more!

Plus you can customise HorseRecords to what you need for your breed and discipline. That's right - you can add your own event types into HorseRecords so the software becomes what you need - not what we tell you you need.

All you data is safely stored in the cloud and is backed up daily.

HorseRecords suits horse owners who have one much loved horse to studs over over 400 horses!

HorseRecords helps you to finally get organised and helps save you money on vet bills and increases the sale value of your horses.

What advice do you have for a new equestrian signing up to your platform?

You can try it for free with up to 2 horses. Paid plans start from only $12 a month.

There is a Setup Wizard when you join that will guide you through the software and you can contact HorseRecords via phone, email, carrier pigeon or facebook messenger.

Add your first horse, then go an upload their photo. You can see down the bottom of the horse details page all the groups of functions such as Events, Feed, Pedigree, Training, Performance etc.

You can back date events - so add your last Farrier for your horse and it will tell you when the next is due. If your horse is in work you can adjust their individual schedule to make the farrier due sooner. This is the same for all reoccuring events - including the ones you make yourself.

There are also heaps of training videos available on the HorseRecords youtube channel:

What's next for you and HorseRecords?

We have big plans! We currently provide HorseRecords to OTT horses in Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland. We are currently talking to the other states to provide HorseRecords as part of their OTT programs.

We are seeking to expand to New Zealand soon.

We are currently talking to Austrade and are making connections within Texas to provide HorseRecords to folk over there. They tell me there are one or two horses in Texas.

We also have our sights set on the UK and are talking to Austrade there.

Closer to home, we are developing an agistment module at the moment which should launch in August - all going well.

There are other irons in the fire as well! Busy, busy, busy!

Where can readers find you on social media?

Readers can find us on various social media platforms. We are on Facebook, Instagram and other socials.

Anything Else?

The best thing I can suggest is give it a go. It's free for two horses - and feel free to message Andy on Facebook Messenger with any questions.