City Boy meets Horsey Girl and the Horse World benefits!

08 Sep 2022
HorseRecords was featured in Little Miss Purple a website designed to help small businesses.

We were asked to give an intro to HorseRecords and some tips for small businesses.

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Foaling dates for all your mares!

"My favourite feature is the foaling date report!" - Kelsey, Tarrawonga Stock Horses.

With foaling season upon us - it is good to know which mares are due next. You can then easily organise them to move into your foaling paddocks.

If you are a recent member of HorseRecords you can back date the serving date of your mare with the "Served" event - and the foaling date will be automatically calculated for you.

Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Group

21 Aug 2022
Practicing Pitching to Investors and Horse Associations at the last session of the Ballarat Export-ready Incubator Group.

The HorseRecords pitch was received well!

We now have an excellent starting point for our goals of bringing HorseRecords to other countries beyond Australia!

Wife nags tech-head husband and the horse world wins

03 Aug 2022
It's marvellous what can happen when a horse-loving wife of a tech-head husband asks him to help her with keeping her equestrian records straight.

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Tech award recognition for equine record-keeping app

27 Jul 2022
HorseTalk in New Zealand has put in an article about our recent innovation award. It's great that the story is going international!

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