HorseRecords featured on the Django Chat podcast

26 Oct 2022

Andy (the Founder and initial programmer of HorseRecords) was interviewed by the Django Chat podcast.

HorseRecords is built in a tool called Django and Django Chat is the largest podcast in the world about Django.

The chat discusses Django and Software Engineering.

Well worth a listen if you don't mind a bit of tech talk!

Listen to Django Chat

You need to keep an eye on us!

HorseRecords has been featured in Startups to Follow - the website that reports on startups you need to keep your eye on.

Read the article on 'Startups to Follow'

HorseRecords featured on The Regional 250 Podcast

18 Oct 2022

Episode 63 of The Regional 250 has been released this morning featuring founder, director and initial programmer of HorseRecords.Info, Andy Ide from Strathalbyn in South Australia.

It was an honour to discuss the local town near where HorseRecords was set up as well as the HorseRecords story with The Regional 250.

Well worth a listen to this podcast that supports regional areas within Australia!

Listen to the The Regional 250 podcast...

Task Lists to help you stay organised!

17 Oct 2022
There are always things to do around horses! They seem to create work!

HorseRecords allows you to keep a handy task list that can be linked to each horse to help you get all that work done!

This is a new feature implemented last week. Check it out!

Horse Riding And Horse Loving Around Adelaide

20 Sep 2022
HorseRecords was featured in The Adelaide Show Podcast today!

The Adelaide Show Podcast focuses of South Australia.

We were part of a plethora of interesting guests interviewed by Steve Davis.

Have a listen! The HorseRecords bit starts at 35:17

Listen to the podcast
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