Event Notes Upgrade

13 Jan 2024

The notes field of Events has received an upgrade!

The limit for event notes has been removed (for all practical intents and purposes), so you can write whatever length of note you need. The field is 1000x bigger than it used to be! That is a lot of text!

Notes have been adjusted to include simple formatting features like bold, highlight, line breaks etc.

Also events look MUCH better on mobile now. 

Remember that events can have images and documents uploaded to them as well!

Hope that helps!

Travel Hours, Work Hours and Rider

20 Nov 2023

We've added 3 optional new fields to Events to help you manage your horses better!

Travel Hours
This field tracks the amount of time a horse spends in transit. It's crucial for monitoring the stress and fatigue levels in horses, especially those that compete or are frequently transported.

Event Log Report!

13 Nov 2023

A new report available to you now. See all events across all Horse Groups at once.

Watch this short vid to learn more!

Event Images

08 Nov 2023

You can now upload images to Events.

Images can be edited and cropped to your liking!

Check it out!

Interview with Mandy from Agistment Finder

23 Sep 2023

I had a chat with Mandy from Agistment Finder about the Agistment Module within HorseRecords.

Mandy is an expert in Agistment so was able to run the software through its paces!

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